United4Iran: Financial and Corporate Interests Mobilize the Left

By Stephen Gowans

 United4Iran, which describes itself as “a non-partisan collaborative of individuals and human rights organizations” whose “aim is to support the Iranian people’s human rights,” has organized a Global Day of Action for July 25.

People are invited to “join this unprecedented wave of global citizen activism in solidarity with the people of Iran,” to be held in more than 105 cities around the world.” 

United4Iran is sponsored by a number of organizations that receive funding from philanthropic foundations dominated by corporate interests and by the US National Endowment for Democracy, an organization established by the US government to do overtly what the CIA used to do covertly (i.e., funnel money to groups and organization working, often unknowingly, toward US foreign policy goals.) 

A global day of action in 105 cities requires organizing and publicity that depends critically on generous funding — funding which corporations, wealthy individuals and the governments they dominate are all too happy to provide if it serves their interests. 

While there will be a global day of action on behalf of the people of Iran, it’s a pretty good bet that none of the following are in the works: large-scale, global actions to show solidarity with the people of Honduras, or of Kyrgyzstan, where the incumbent president, who has been accused of political repression, was re-elected amid charges of fraud, or of Saudi Arabia, despite Amnesty International, one of the sponsors of this week-end’s action, accusing the Saudi authorities of using torture to extract confessions and of using their powerful international clout to get away with it.

The Honduras coup is tacitly supported by Washington; Kyrgyzstan is home to an important US military base; and Saudi Arabia is an oil rich country that works cooperatively with US oil companies and military interests.

There are dozens of countries whose people we ought to be showing solidarity with, but predictably, it is only countries that are on Uncle Sam’s regime change hit list that merit generously funded actions.

Indeed, the only global day of action sponsored by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Reporters without Borders, and any other organization which receives funding from Western governments and corporate philanthropic foundations, will be those aimed at countries that are charting an independent course and offer too few investment and export opportunities to Wall Street and corporate America.

If and when these same countries are brought under US domination, all funding for demonstrations of solidarity with the people of these countries will dry up, along with concern for their plight. Indeed, no one will have the slightest clue as to the welfare of the people they once showed such keen solidarity with.

No matter; the attention of those who zealously show their solidarity with the people of Iran (which people? the peasants and working class who supported Ahmadinejad, or the affluent, who were educated in tony universities in the West, who supported Mousavi?) will soon enough focus their attention on the people of another US State Department target country, and new global days of actions will be held, to pave the way for the overthrow, through destabilization, color revolution or military intervention, of that country’s government.

And so it goes. The media, dominated by corporate and financial interests, and the corporate philanthropists who fund left and human rights groups, set the agenda which the left, with no sophisticated understanding of who wields power and how and to what end, blindly follows. Imperialism is so much easier when the one sector that ought to be against it, can so readily be manipulated into acting on its behalf.

3 thoughts on “United4Iran: Financial and Corporate Interests Mobilize the Left

  1. It’s long overdue that we have an International Day of Action to support the human rights and democracy-promotion efforts of the country that needs it the most: the United States of America!


    Seriously, though, what is really Machiavellian about this Imperialist Day of Action is how it’s being marketed, or “branded” to use a favorite US Newspeak phrase.

    Essentially, the American ruling class is approriating an idea and slogan (a “Day of Action”) often used by anti-establishment and Leftist activists … all in order to advance a US establishment imperial policy.

    If one studies the USA’s Postmodern Colored Coups in general, this is a tactic that is increasingly used: hijacking the very symbols, language, and tactics of Leftist movements in order to serve a Rightist agenda.

    The Otpor! movement deployed against Yugoslavia in the 1990s is a prime example, as it employed some of the same imagery (like a clenched fist) first utilized by American antiwar and student protest movements of the 1960s and 1970s.

    The only difference is that these earlier protests were organized against American Imperialism, while the more recent ones serve American Imperialism.

    Coup d’État in Disguise: Washington’s New World Order “Democratization” Template

  2. In the old days, mainly the right-wing organizations, KKK and John Birch Society, Freedom House, etc., justified their positions against the independent countries. Nowadays, groups that call themselves “democratic”, “progressive”, even “pro-working people” voluntarily are carrying out some shade of U.S. imperialist policies under the cover of “defense of human rights, and “political prisoners.” These organizations are, objectively, the fifth column of the U.S. State Department, and the beneficiary of U.S. domination over the natural and human resources of the people in the developing countries.

  3. Fake philanthropy. I don’t hear these organizations press for Human Rights in Honduras and announce their solidarity with the people there. Oh…how silly of me! Pro-corporate and pro-US goons already wield power in Honduras, so I guess that everything there is A-OK then.
    I remember reading this same sort of pro-corporate human rights BS regarding Cuba. There are some organizations that are totally against the US embargo on Cuba. But when I checked their websites, the reasons are pro-corporate and speak mainly of opening up Cuba to corporate and free market domination. That is their extent of ‘caring’ about the Cubans. It’s the same thing about Iran. These bastards care about Cubans and Iranians and others when those people are ruled by a government that does not want to blindly follow the US free market drivel. Those countries that do swallow the US BS, end up with many people living in poverty and filth. And these ‘humanitarian organization’ don’t give a damn about those people. When someone confronts these organizations about such contradictions, they say something cynical and arrogant like “It’s these peoples’ fault. They are lazy and stupid,” or “They are free to live their lives as they want in a democratic capitalist system. It’s not our fault that they are poor and have a hard life. So quit whining!”
    There are many countries in the world ruled by despots in democratic skin, where economic and political life is repressive and stagnant. But sine the leaders in those countries toe the US party line, they are left alone and set up as a good example to the rest of the world, even if they torture and massacre people.
    Such is the case with the zionist entity, Egypt, S. Arabia, Jordan, dozens of African countries, Indonesia, and others.

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