June 25, 2008 Unusual Sources Interview on Zimbabwe

Stephen Gowans provides the latest commentary on the misdirection by the Western media in its coverage of the Zimbabwean elections.

2 thoughts on “June 25, 2008 Unusual Sources Interview on Zimbabwe

  1. People may be aware that the US/UK want to indite president Mugabe for various crimes:
    BUT are people aware these same hypocrites were behind the genocide in Rwanda, that they enabled then general Kagame to assassinate then Rwanda president Habyarimana?
    That ICTR investigator Michael Hourigan had his investigations sqashed after he revealed using a US embassy phone the links to Kagame:

    where we learn:
    1. ‘”The sources have all confirmed that ‘the network’ under the command of General Paul Kagame planned and executed the rocket attack.”‘

    2. ‘
    Hourigan’s commander, Jim Lyons, arranges a phone briefing with Arbour. The call takes place in the US embassy in Kigali on a “secure” US embassy line. Later, Hourigan will rue the call.

    “I never realised that we may be compromising the investigation. I didn’t understand the politics of the region. I didn’t realise that Paul Kagame had been trained by the US, supported by the US. I thought that we were keeping the call discrete from the French and the Belgians. I never thought of the US. It was a blunder.”

    But on the other end of the phone, Arbour sounds excited.

    “She said it corroborated some other information she had just received. She was concerned about our safety and the security of the information.”‘
    More recently


    Cynthia McKinney is also aware of this issue:

    This very real hypocrisy is a nail in the coffing of thos govts who would abuse their powers of government.It needs wider exposure.

  2. givent the stories of torture in Zimbabwe, people may like to recall this classic eg of media propaganda fraud: the infamous Saddam’s feet shredders.


    a cautionary tale

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