Never Mind…

There they go again. Those crazy, bellicose, destabilizing North Koreans are once again threatening their South Korean neighbors.

Pyongyang has appointed a minister of “unification” to oversee the takeover of the South by the North.

According to the minister, it is necessary for North Korea to carve out the future of the Korean peninsula, with anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism and a command economy as its values.

He might as well have said that the North is preparing to absorb the South.

When will the provocations stop?

Oh. Hold on.

It wasn’t the North that said this. It was the South.

Hyun In-taek, a member of the South Korean government, whose title is Minister of Unification and whose mandate is to oversee the absorption of North into the South, said it is necessary for “South Korea to carve out the future of the Korean Peninsula” with “freedom, human rights, democracy and market economy as values.”

Never mind.

One thought on “Never Mind…

  1. I also often wonder much about who is the real aggressor. The media, who have as much a part to play in strategy these days, and its dirty kneed approach to government is an issue that will probably be sorted out after any solution between north and south.

    Did you know that South Korea, not long after the Cheonan crisis and after talk of Kim Jong Il’s poor health, instigated a 1% unification tax to help pay for reunification when it happens?

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